Long Range Wireless CCTV System
Long Range Wireless CCTV System

We are specialist in providing transmitting video signal in long distance up to 3
kilometers! Yes and it is wirelessly!

In many situations where wired video transmission is either too long or impossible, we
will recommend this technology to our customers. The main features are not only
cost cutting, they are easier to install and yet providing the same high resolution like
an IP camera.

Wireless signal are high encrypted and can be hidden if necessary. As transmitting
signals are digital and password protected, it is not easy to be tapped on.
Applications for Wireless Transmisson

There are several applications which may require wireless transmission. Examples are

Cabling work extremely difficult. You may encounter extreme difficulty if you need to
provide cabling across certain area (Like river, expensive flooring etc). In this case it will
be cheaper if you just need to run the signal across wirelessly.

Extremely long cable. If you need run cabling for about 1km or more, it will certainly be
cheaper to run them wirelessly. Furthermore to run cable of about 1km and above, you
will also need video booster which incurred additional cost.

Extremely high ceiling. If you need to run cabling to extremely high places and you do
not have any high lifter, it will definitely be cheaper if you transmit the signal back
wirelessly. It is also easily installed compared to running cables.

Building to building. You may need to transmit video signal back from one building to
another. Maybe in between there is another building which does not belong to you.
Wireless solution could be a solution which you can consider. Same situation can be
applied for retail shops which are located near to each other but not exactly side by side.

Mobile locations. You may need to shift cameras from one area to another after some
times. Re-cabling is tedious and time consuming. Wireless transmission can resolve this
as you will only need to locate a nearby power point to switch from one place to another.  
A simple Illustration showing how wireless video tranmission can work.
There are many possibilities to explore how a
wireless CCTV system solution can work to
solve your complex situation. The picture on
the left is just a simple illustration. If you need
more complex solution. Please feel free to
contact us.