Justing LEDs Lighting
Established since 2003, Justing Technology (formerly known as Foison Industry)
is a leader in providing green lighting solutions in various fields, including medical,
scientific and data-storing industries. The Company develop and manufacture 4
key products – LED T8, LED T5, High Power LED system and Grow Light, which
developed are targeted to meet the highest benchmark under TUV SUD PSB
Singapore testing requirements, which is the benchmark in the lighting industry.
This was made possible by the R&D team, a humble but dedicated group of six –
comprising three with Ph.D. in engineering, two with experience in military
engineering and a commercial engineer.
LED 4-Feet or 2-Feet
Tube Light
LED Street Lamp
Project References
With the worldwide lighting market set to grow and governments having increasing focus on more energy-efficient
solutions, the lighting industry is responding by pursuing development and enhancement of green lighting
technologies. To date, Justing Technology has worked with major clients in the government sectors and MNCs in
Singapore and Taiwan.
A major US Multinational with businesses across a wide spectrum of industrial related products
took 18 months of audit before appointing Justing to be their sole ODM for ET5. The master
contract had been signed and the US Multinational plans to take over all projects and contracts
regarding ET5 in Singapore.

In Taiwan, a large hospital group under a listed company had approved the Justing’s LED lighting
solutions which had achieved their stringent standards set. Justing Technology provides both
medical and architectural lightings to the hospital group. The project costs for all the buildings of
the hospital group are estimated about S$60mil.

With an exciting technology with widespread applications and potential growth prospects,
Tembusu Partners is pleased to add Justing Technology under our portfolio of investments.
High Power LED Light Modular

Equipped with LEDs from CREE, this 50W LED light modular is not only
lightweight, yet it is able to produce powerful light comparable to a 150W Flood
Light. Design and tested to withstand long operating hours and low heat emission
thanks to the specially designed heat sink.

This LED modular is designed with IP66 specifications to withstand rain and
shine without fail. The LED light gives a broad 150 degree lighting angle compare
to conventional 120 degree which a standard flood light can give.

This LED light modular is widely used in JUSTING LEDs product like signage
light, street lamp, factory downlight etc.     
Plant Grow LED Light

A grow light or plant light is an artificial light source, generally an electric light, designed to stimulate plant growth by
emitting an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. Grow lights are used in applications where
there is either no naturally occurring light, or where supplemental light is required.

JUSTING specialised in LED grow light by carefully study the light spectrum required for plants to grow. Different
growth stages of a plant requires different spectrum of light. Different species of plants do require different spectrum
of light as well. JUSTING's engineers do work in collabration with major universities around the world who are also
specialised in grow light making JUSTING LEDs one of the best available grow light LEDs in the market.
Click above to see how a grow light work.
A Grow Light Test Lab