IP Based PABX System
IP Based PABX is a new breakthrough compared to conventional PABX system.
Ericsson LG eMG80.

Integrated Auto Attendant / Voice Mail with E-mail notifications

No longer you need to rush back to office to listen to your voice mails anymore. Now you
can easily listen to your voice mails via your email inbox. What the PABX system do is to
store the voice mail in .wav format and send it to your mailbox. You can listen to it
anywhere anytime.

Save IDD calls

If you have overseas offices / factories, you often need to make IDD calls in order to
make communications between overseas and local offices. This IP PABX system can
save all your IDD calls by simply placing an IP phone over at your overseas offices /
warehouses. In the event you need to make a call back to local office or vice versa,
simply dial the extensions number and calls will be connected vis Internet. No IDD call

Save Local calls within retail outlet shops

If you have retail outlet shops within Singapore, you can save local calls charges when
your staffs need to make calls between outlet to outlet. All you need is to place an IP
Phone in all your outlets and link them back to the HQ office. When a call between
outlets is required, simply dial the extension number. No local calls charges at all! It is
that simple...  

Mobility Mobile UCS function

With UCS mobile app installed on your Android / Iphone, your phone is now linked to the
extension number in your office. In the event you are not in your office or even overseas,
anyone who called your office number extension will ring your mobile phone too. You can
pick it up but the catch here is no call charges is used! Only uses your mobile data.
Likewise if you are overseas and wish to make a call back to Singapore, use your mobile
UCS to make the call. Again, no overseas call charges but only mobile data used.

In short ELG IP PABX is a breakthrough in conventional ideas of a PABX system.
IP PABX is no longer constraint to just within the office but it adds on a range of
mobility controls & functions especially for people on the move.

With so many exciting features and cost saving in IDD calls, ELG IP PABX system
is definitely your preferred communications platform for SMB...
Service Diagram
LIP 9002
LIP 9020
UCS Mobile App for
Android / Iphone