CCTV Rental
Short Term Rental

Perhaps you only need to have a CCTV monitoring system just for a fair,
a party, an exhibition or a small concert? We do rent out our professional
CCTV system with professional installation just for you.

Not just rental of CCTV, we can even advise you on the locations and
solutions which you may encounter during your security planning. Afterall
we are specialised in this field!

No longer you need to engage a security consultant and CCTV installer
separately. We are your all-in-one solution.

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for more details.
Long Term Rental

An exhibition which last more than 6 months? A construction site which need
monitoring? A temporary location which need CCTV montioring for up to one

We can provide long term CCTV system rental at attractive cost so that you
do not have to commit the full cost of a CCTV system.

Not just rental, we also bundle our rental service with maintenance service
so that your CCTV system is always in working conditions. As long as the
system fail to work, we will alert you and arrange for replacement.

Contact us now at +65 98598724 for an on-site discussion or
email us for
more details.
Places where you might need to rent CCTV (Short / Long Term)
Temperory Warehouse
Temperory Storage Area
Construction Sites
Construction Area
Temperory Offices
Temperory Exhibition
Common FAQs which you might have...

What is the guidelines which determine whether to buy or to rent?

It actually depend whether you will have any further uses for other sites in the future or you will only need to use it once. Of course as a
general guideline, we would strongly recommend customers to buy the system if they are going to use it at one location for more than
one year. This is a general guidelines and we can advise you after listening to you.

Can I view remotely when I rent the CCTV system?

Yes, we do provide 3G/4G remote viewing once we install the CCTV system. Of course there will be some additional charges for the
data streaming. You can view the CCTV system remotely using any IOS phone or Android Phone.

Is the CCTV rental going to be wired or wireless?

It depends when we do the on-site site survey. We can either do it wired or wirelessly. In most cases we will do it wirelessly since it
require less time to set-up. But there are situations where wireless cannot be deployed and we will do it in wired form.

Is the CCTV images going to be stable and safe if setup wirelessly?

Our CCTV system are transmitted digitally with high security encryption so that no one can tapped into the signal without any password.
Before we start installation, we will test the area for wireless signal strength at proposed locations. We will test again for video stability
after the setup. Lastly we are using commercial grade wireless T/x & R/x for quality signal transmission.

Is the CCTV image going to be clear and will not be as good compare to purchase sets?

Our assurance to you that your rental CCTV is going to be as good as a purchased sets. Equipment might not be new but we are using
the high definition camera which can display up 1280 x 960 pixels.