Professional CCTV System
Our Digital Video Recorder (Network based)

CONFIANCE Digital Video Recorder has become one of the leading brands in Singapore security CCTV
market due to its reliability, good resolution and excellent after-sale service and technical support.

Mulitple channels available

Digital video recorder are availbale in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels. Support up to 2TB harddisk per bay.
Available in single bay HDD, 2 bays HDD, 4 bays HDD and 8 bays HDD.

HDMI output

The latest models of CONFIANCE DVR come with HDMI output to support the new type of monitors and
TV screens. Output resolution up to 1080P.

Mobile Apps supported

The DVR comes with mobile apps (Iphone and Android) to allow users to view remotely using their mobile
phones anywhere anytime.

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

The DVR also support multiple sites setup to allow a comprehensive network CCTV monitoring at
Standard Dome CCTV camera

Over the years, CONFIANCE standard dome type camera has been the most popular cameras among
customers due to its simple and yet stylish design. The semi dome design does not allow intruders to
notice the direction of monitoring and the clear plastic housing is easily replaceable once it get dirty, oily
or scratches.

The high resolution video images (750TVL) has provided excellent and rich colour video images. The
low LUX capability (0.1LUX) has allowed the camera to see in low light condition. Lastly its reliability has
given many CONFIANCE customers many years of services.
Infrared Red Day/Night Dome CCTV camera

CONFIANCE Infrared Red CCTV camera is able to capture video images even in total darkness
condition. The camera is able to auto adjust itself from colour to black & white once the lighting
condition is getting lower. The infrared red LEDs are made with high quality standard to achieve low
power consumption and yet bright enough to illuminate over large area. The illumination is also evenly
distributed to prevent over-exposure at one spot.

With the same chipset from standard dome camera (750TVL), the high resolution video images
(750TVL) has provided excellent and rich colour video images. Its reliability has given many
CONFIANCE customers many years of services.
Outdoor Infrared Red Day/Night Tube camera with Varifocal Zoom (2.8mm
to 12mm) (5.0 mm to 50mm)
CONFIANCE breaks through the conventional outdoor type of camera with this new tube-type CCTV
camera. Unlike conventional outdoor camera, this tube camera is fully sealed (IP66), weatherproof
and cable hidden (tamperproof). The camera also comes with adjustable focus and zoom knob without
the need to open the housing. This design has proven to be the easiest maintenance of all especially
for harsh outdoor conditions. The zoom design available can be 2.8mm to 12mm (4x zoom) or 5mm to
50mm (10x zoom). The no-wire design make unsightly wire out of sight and also prevent the tampering
of the wire. Infrared Red LEDs are specially design to achieve up to 40 meters illumination in total
darkness.  High resolution CCD chipset (750TVL) has provided excellent and rich colour video images.
Focus (4" design with 10x Zoom) (7" design with 30x Zoom)

CONFIANCE PTZ camera uses the top quality stepper motor for pan/tilt function so that it will be able
to withstand long hours of operation. The PTZ is fully weatherproof so that it can be suitable for
outdoor usage as well. Alloy non-rusting metal design allows camera to use in harsh enviornment
such as chemical vapour plants and factories. The 10x optical zoom comes with auto focus function.
RS485 control support many available protocols and braudrate so that it can easily use and
compatible with any other 3rd party DVR or PTZ kepboard.

Also available in wall mount design.