CONFIANCE Wireless Alarm System
No Ugly Wires/Cables

CONFIANCE Wireless GSM alarm system allow wireless security around your home/office
possible without ugly cables/wires. The sensors work on battery which transmit wireless
signal to the main control unit upon activation.

Encrypted Wireless Frequency for additional security

Working on encrypted frequency, wireless signal sent is secured and non-conflicting. The
GSM alarm system allow users to arm/disarm easily via simple SMS control with their mobile

Alarm Notification via SMS

Distress signal can be sent via SMS to your mobile phone so that users will be notified.
User will also be notified which zone is activated. Send SMS to up to 3 persons upon

Built-in Back up Power

Control Panel is easy to conceal with built-in backup battery to ensure continuous
operation in the event when there is a power failure.

Other types of wireless sensors available

The alarm system are not just for door sensor or motion sensor. There are many different
sensors like smoke detector, temperature sensor, water level sensor, power cut sensor
humidity sensor which can be linked up with this system to provide SMS alert upon